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happy young man excited about the savings Assumable is bringing himAssumable shows the projected monthly savings of an assumable mortgage
Purchase A Home Below Today's Rates
Assumable allows you to buy your home by assuming the existing FHA or VA loan on a home. You can potentially save thousands a month on your mortgage payment and hundreds of thousands in interest
Get Rates Below 3%
Save Thousands
Assumption Management - Backed by 13 Years of Experience
Completing your mortgage assumption is stress-free when you use Assumable's team of experts to complete your assumption.
Stress Free Assumption
Assume Your Home

What is an Assumable Mortgage?

You Take Over The Existing Loan
Assumable mortgages; typically, FHA and VA assumable loans, allow you to "assume" and take over the loan at its locked in rate
Access Historically Low Rates Below 4%
Homeowners can save thousands a month - there are over 7 million assumable mortgage homes with rates below 4%
Can a non veteran assume a VA loan?
Yes - anyone can assume a VA loan. Military service is not a requirement. But the VA benefit stays with the home. Learn more here.
Lower Cost of Ownership
When assuming a mortgage at a low rate you can save hundreds of thousands in interest over the life of the loan

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Our team of experts completes the heavy lifting required to get your mortgage assumption approved stress-free

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See Your Low-Rate Savings

Assumable provides estimated interest rates, monthly payments, interest savings, and down payment for each assumable mortgage listing

Begin your Assumable mortgage journey and search active assumable mortgage listings near you

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Search Nationwide Assumable Mortgage Listings

Assumable is the only nationwide platform for Assumable mortgage listings. Access vital property information including the existing interest rate, P&I payment, and interest savings on the assumable home.

Assumable is the #1 Assumable Mortgage Listings website in the US with over 30,000 assumable listings nationwide.

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Assumable Mortgage Listings

Assumable helps you find homes with assumable loans near you and complete your mortgage assumption
Search Assumable Mortgage Listings
Assumable allows you to freely search for-sale homes with VA or FHA assumable loans across the country - not just a handful of cities
VA & FHA Assumable Mortgages
Our platform uses our proprietary data model to show you assumable homes for sale that have VA and FHA assumable mortgages - including vital details like estimated interest rate and principal and interest payments
Anywhere In The USA
You can find assumable mortgages near you for the first time ever with Assumable
Assumable Mortgage Management Services

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Once you find your home on Assumable and have your offer accepted we send letters of engagement that allow us to work on your behalf and begin your assumption

We make the Assumable Mortgage Process Easy


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Our expert team guides all parties through all documentation requirements to ensure a successful assumption. We get to work with the lender to push the transaction to completion.

Complete the assumption

Assumable's team of experts works hard to ensure a timely close, keeping you up to date throughout the process. Once your assumption is approved - we celebrate!

Assumption Processing Help
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Find your dream home with an assumable mortgage and work with top experts to complete your loan assumption
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All About The Assumable Mortgage 2024

All about how to get low rate homes with FHA & VA assumable loans in 2024

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How to find assumable mortgage homes

How to use Assumable to find and buy homes with an assumable mortgage

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VA Assumable Loans

VA Assumable Mortgages

Anyone can assume a VA mortgage. Learn all about assumable VA loans.

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How We Compare to The Competition is the only nationwide Assumable mortgage marketplace.
Our end-to-end technology and service is backed by 13 years of successful Assumable transaction experience that our competition cannot rival.

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13 Year Track Record of Successful Assumable Transactions

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Get a Low Rate Home With Assumable

We're Making The American Dream More Affordable For Millions

The Average Assumable Home Buyer Could Save $1150+ a Month on Their Payment

Assumable home loans are the greatest opportunity for buyers to save on their home in history. Assuming a low rate mortgage with Assumable can save you thousands a month on your payment.

Assumable is on a mission to Make The American Dream More Affordable for Millions.

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Assumable FHA Loans

Easily browse homes with low rate FHA assumable loans on the Assumable platform.

Buyers get to keep the existing loan terms - including the existing interest rate.

Assumable VA Loans

VA assumable loans can be assumed by anyone. Buyers can use Assumable to browse assumable VA home listings.

Sellers should be aware that the VA benefit stays with the home.


Home buyers can get a low rate home by using Assumable to search assumable mortgage listings near them.

Assumable shows what's most important to buyers: the estimated assumable rate, P&I payment, loan balance, equity, and more.


Buyers are not the only ones who benefit. Sellers and sellers agents can directly market their assumable  home to interested buyers on Assumable.

Frequently Asked Questions

All about Assumable Mortgages and

How Does Assumable Work?

Assumable is a platform that helps you find and buy homes for sale with an assumable mortgage. Assumable uses its proprietary data model to verify whether a home has an FHA or VA assumable loan, It's estimated interest rate, and other important details.

How to find Assumable Mortgage Homes For Sale?

Assumable is the leading platform for finding Assumable Mortgages near you. Easily search active assumable mortgage listings and discover the existing interest rate, potential savings, and more.

Why Should I Consider an Assumable Mortgage?

The assumable mortgage presents the greatest money-saving opportunity most Americans have ever seen. You can save thousands a month and hundreds of thousands in interest over the life of your loan with an assumable mortgage. You should consider an assumable mortgage if you are a savvy buyer who wants to achieve their financial dreams.

How Does a Seller Benefit from an Assumable Mortgage?

Sellers who take advantage of marketing their home with an assumable mortgage can potentially bring more buyers to the table and fetch a higher selling price. Assumable can help you get top dollar for your assumable home.

What is an Assumable mortgage?

Assumable loans are government-backed mortgages. Typically FHA, VA, and USDA. Since 1986 all government-backed mortgages are assumable. This means you can assume the existing mortgage on a home and maintain its existing terms and most importantly its existing interest rate.

How do I qualify for an assumable mortgage?

You must meet the requirements of the lender on the existing mortgage. Typically this includes evaluating your credit score, income, and the typical other factors. Assumable helps you through this process with the servicer to ensure a smooth assumption.

How much does an Assumable mortgage cost?

To complete your assumption you must cover the equity in the home you want to buy. Assumable clearly lists this estimated cost on each listing. We are working in earnest with lenders to make assumable mortgages more affordable - stay tuned for more details.

How does Assumable Help?

Our team of experts makes the assumable mortgage process easy and stress free. We help buyers, sellers, agents, and lenders achieve their goals.

What is a low rate assumable loan?

So, what exactly is a low rate assumable loan? It's a type of mortgage where a buyer can take over the seller's original mortgage at the existing lower interest rate. This can be a huge benefit for the buyer, especially if the current mortgage rates are higher than the rate on the assumable loan. FHA loans, VA loans, and USDA loans are all types of mortgages that can be assumable. When a lender offers an assumable loan, it gives the borrower the option to take advantage of the lower rate without having to go through the hassle of applying for a new loan. It's a win-win situation for both buyer and seller in the home buying process.

How Long Does an Assumable Mortgage Take?

Assumable is the industry leader in processing assumable mortgage transactions. We have 13 years of experience working with lenders to successfully complete assumptions. The time it takes to complete the assumption depends on numerous variables. We quote the estimated timeline of your assumption when w work on your behalf. Currently, we aim for 30 to 45 days for some lenders and 60 to 90 for others. This is a case by case basis determined by which lender owns the mortgage. Contact us for more details on this.

Is Loan Assumption The Same as an Assumable Mortgage?

Typically, when someone talks about loan assumption, yes, they are talking about an assumable mortgage, either FHA Assumable loans, VA assumable loans, or USDA assumable loans. However, loan assumption is a broad term and may apply to other topics. Using Assumable's platform ensures you view homes with assumable mortgages near you.

If I'm a Buyer and Seller Can Assumable Help Me?

Yes! We are pioneering a new Assumable home mover program where we match buyers and sellers with assumable homes interested in the benefits of the Assumable mortgage. Stay tuned for more on this.

Can Anyone Assume a VA Loan?

Yes anyone can assume a VA assumable loan. Military service is not a requirement. It's important to note that the VA benefit stays with the home.

What Should Sellers do if They Have an Assumable Mortgage?

So, you're a seller with an assumable mortgage on your home? That's great news! It means that the buyer of your home can take over your existing rate and terms on the mortgage loan. But what should you do next? The first step is to find a qualified borrower who is willing to assume your mortgage. Assumable is the leading platform to help you find the most buyers for your home. Next you must make sure they meet all the lender's requirements and are capable of taking on the financial responsibility. It's important to communicate openly with your lender and the potential buyer to ensure a smooth transition. Don't worry, Assumable's team of experts can help you here. Selling a home with an assumable mortgage can be a win-win situation for both parties involved. Working with Assumable can help sellers get more buyers to the table and the best offer possible in today's market.

Do I Have to Pay The Remaining Loan Balance?

No - this is the beauty of the assumable mortgage. You assume the existing loan terms including the loan balance. You must close the equity gap in the home for the seller. So if the home has a $300,000 remaining loan balance and sells for $400,000 you must bring $100,000 to close the homer and assume the exising low rate and current loan balance.

What If I Don't have a big enough down payment?

Assumable is working with industry leading vendors to help buys with their assumable mortgage. On a mission to lower your4 mortgage payments, Assumable is working hard to help you with your down payment need. Stay tuned for more on this in the future.

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