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Assumable Mortgage Listings

Assumable simplifies the assumable mortgage process & lets you search anywhere for assumable homes with FHA and VA loans.
Assumable Mortgage Listings
Search active assumable mortgage listings* near you across the country
See Your Savings
Assumable provides estimated interest rate, P&I payment, down payment, and interest savings so you can see your potential assumable mortgage savings
Step By Step Guidance
Get access to the step-by-step dashboard that will guide your assumable mortgage with the help of our top experts and agents
Access to Historically Low Rates
Assumable helps you identify homes with historically low assumable mortgage rates
Expert Real Estate Agents
Work with our nation wide network of agent partners who can help you through your sale or purchase
Happy Buyers, Happy Sellers
Buyers and sellers are happier - everyone wins

How to Find assumable mortgages - With Assumable

Assumable makes it easy to find assumable mortgage listings near you - and when you're ready our expert teams can help you with your assumption
Discover potential monthly & total savings
Find homes with qualifying mortgages
Empower your financial future
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Are you an investor?

Assumable's enterprise platform gives you access to powerful features that help identify distressed assumable mortgages on single family, multi-family, and commercial properties
Find Multi-Family Assumable Mortgages
Unlock Exclusive Financial Data
Connect Assumable to your existing tech stack

Work With Assumable Mortgage experts

Assumable makes all facets of the assumable mortgage process easier for everyone involved
Our agent partners understand the unique process and rigor of the assumable mortgage process
Real Estate Attorneys
Private party sale? Our real estate attorneys can help
Get matched with lenders who can help you close on your assumption

Reach your financial goals with confidence and  sell finances

Create and track your progress toward short an long-term goals Include at hose goals in your spending plan ensure you set aside enough each of for month know where you money is going from essential expenses to and is occasional splurges uncover hidden subscriptions.

Support from experts that know assumable mortgages

Over 1 million members have trusted quicken to track their budget and grow their money for over three decades.
Know where your money is going a from essentials expenses
Use insights to maximize for saving for optimize your spending
Assumable Mortgage Management Services

Ready to Buy

Once you find your home on Assumable and have your offer accepted we send letters of engagement that allow us to work on your behalf and begin your assumption

We make the Assumable Mortgage Process Easy


Assumable Begins

Our expert team guides all parties through all documentation requirements to ensure a successful assumption. We get to work with the lender to push the transaction to completion.

Complete the assumption

Assumable's team of experts works hard to ensure a timely close, keeping you up to date throughout the process. Once your assumption is approved - we celebrate!

Assumption Processing Help
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Find your dream home with an assumable mortgage and work with top experts to complete your loan assumption
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Frequently Asked Questions

All about the  Assumable Mortgage and

How Does Assumable Work?

Assumable is a platform that helps you find and buy homes for sale with an assumable mortgage. Assumable uses rich data from leading sources in the United States to verify whether a home has an FHA or VA assumable loan, It's estimated interest rate, and other important details.

How to find Assumable Mortgage Homes For Sale?

Assumable is the leading platform for finding Assumable Mortgages near you. Easily search active assumable mortgage listings and discover the existing interest rate, potential savings, and more.

Why Should I Consider an Assumable Mortgage?

The assumable mortgage presents the greatest money-saving opportunity most Americans have ever seen. You can save thousands a month and hundreds of thousands in interest over the life of your loan with an assumable mortgage. You should consider an assumable mortgage if you are a savvy buyer who wants to achieve their financial dreams.

How Does a Seller Benefit from an Assumable Mortgage?

Sellers who take advantage of marketing their home with an assumable mortgage can potentially bring more buyers to the table and fetch a higher selling price. Assumable can help you get top dollar for your assumable home.

What is an Assumable mortgage?

Assumable loans are government-backed mortgages. Typically FHA, VA, and USDA. Since 1986 all government-backed mortgages are assumable. This means you can assume the existing mortgage on a home and maintain its existing terms and most importantly its existing interest rate.

How do I qualify for an assumable mortgage?

You must meet the requirements of the lender on the existing mortgage. Typically this includes evaluating your credit score, income, and the typical other factors. Assumable helps you through this process with the servicer to ensure a smooth assumption.

How much does an Assumable mortgage cost?

To complete your assumption you must cover the equity in the home you want to buy. Assumable clearly lists this estimated cost on each listing. We are working in earnest with lenders to make assumable mortgages more affordable - stay tuned for more details.

How do I Know If My Home is Assumable?

Generally if you have an FHA, VA, or USDA loan, your home is assumable. If you are unsure please contact us and we can help you.

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