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Frequently asked questions

How Does Assumable Work?
Assumable is a Google Chrome extension that helps you find homes for sale with assumable mortgages on Zillow and other popular real estate websites. Assumable uses rich data from leading sources in the United States to verify whether a home has an FHA or VA assumable mortgage, It's estimated interest rate, and other important details. 
What is the interest rate data based on?
In it's current state the assumable mortgage rate you see when you look at a home with assumable mortgage is an estimate based upon data from the United States federal reserve, who publishes this data weekly since 1972.
Who are Assumable Experts?
When you're ready to move forward with your assumable mortgage journey and work with one of the assumable verified experts, You will have access to the nation's leading real estate agents, real estate, lawyers, lenders and other professionals to help you on your journey. These experts have been fully vetted and verified to deliver best in class service wherever you live.
Why do I only get a certain number of daily assumable searches?
Assumable is expensive to operate. Each time you verify whether a home has an assumable mortgage, it costs money. We understand it's in the best interest of our customers to provide a free product - so each Assumable user receives daily usage for free, with the option to move to a paid plan to have more freedom and flexibility on their search.
How long does it take to complete an assumable mortgage purchase?
The length of time to complete your assumable mortgage home purchase varies based on location, financing, lenders, agents, and other factors. When you engage with your assumable expert, You will have a clear plan and path to completing your purchase with their guidance.

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