find assumable mortgage listings near you
find assumable mortgage listings near you

The Official Q1 2024 Assumable Mortgage Homes Report

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The First National Assumable Mortgage Home Report

We are happy to share the first and only national Assumable mortgage home report for Q1 2024.

As the nation's leading assumable mortgage platform we are the national authority on everything related to assumable mortgages and hope that this data helps you understand the amazing opportunity of the assumable mortgage

We analyzed over 65,000 assumable mortgage homes to give you key insights on the assumable mortgage market.

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Below you will find the national assumable mortgage home report:

Assumable Mortgage Homes by The Numbers For Q1 2024

What About The Individual States?

We are happy to share raw data on some of the top states for assumable mortgages. Below you'll find the top 4 states for Assumable mortgages in the United States: Texas, California, Arizona, and Florida.

Arizona Assumable Mortgage Home Report

arizona assumable mortgage home report q1 2024

Texas Assumable Mortgage Home Report

Texas assumable mortgage home report q1 2024

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